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MENA Consulting Services

At MENA Consulting, We offer a wide range of expertise that helps our clients adapt to a changing market and boost their businesses in the short-term while positioning themselves for long-term success:

  • Risk Management: That keeps you ahead
  • Regional / Global Insurance Plan Creation and Customization: Strategies that fit your business
  • Claims Management : That gets you what you need

How do I know I need an Insurance Consultant?

Insurance is increasingly becoming a more complex and specialized business where sometimes insurance brokers and even insurance companies can struggle to keep up with the pace of changes in the environment, be it changes in conditions, rates, capacities, regulations and more importantly the changing needs of your each of their client’s business environment.

“The first indicator that you may need a consultant is if you have to do something or feel you need to and don’t know where to start,” says Christine Ferussi Ross, research director for Forrester Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Another clue might be that you think you know what you want to do, but you want some assurance that you have all the bases covered.”

A third indicator, according to Ross, is that you realize that you may need someone to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

“You may know most of what you want to accomplish, but you need someone to provide assistance in a specific area where you don’t have expertise.”

Partnership Services

To provide you centralized access to advice on multiple levels, MENA Consulting has partnered with professional consultants in various fields of expertise.

  • Management Consulting
  • Senior Management Insurance Recruitment
  • Country Assessment for New Projects.
    • In preparation of a new venture or project, the expert will visit the country or department and meet with various stakeholders, including legal constraints.
    • The assessment will help determine the relevance of the project and the opportunity to invest or move in the country.
  • Set up of Company or Foreign Branch.
    • The expert will do all the necessary formalities and all the needed work in order to start new operations in a new country or department.
    • This will include rental and installation of offices, follow up on administrative and legal authorizations, recruitment of team, training, selection of IT, and all tasks needed until office is operational.
  • Management Control.
    • Review of management procedures.
    • Follow up on specific tasks within an operation.
    • Control on the implementation of board decisions.
    • Punctual support on a project.¬†Review of such procedures as tenders, procurement, recruitment and other management tasks.
  • Evaluation of Projects.
    • Analysis of procedure and impact of any project put in place.
    • Interview of the implementing team, meetings with beneficiaries and stake holders, and assessment of the deliverables and final output.
  • Micro Finance Consulting & Management Micro Finance Companies
    • Development of products.
    • Identification of potential financial partner.
    • Implementation of procedures and lending operations.
    • Recruitment, training and supervision of field team

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